Doğan Soysal

Doğan Soysal was born in Istanbul in 1965. He graduated from Electrical Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University in 1989.

He was interested in watercolor painting from a young age. His works were especially on landscape and city views. He received awards in some competitions.

He tried different watercolor techniques in Russia where he spent 10 years in the cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow. His paintings were exhibited under the title Transparent Lines at Dom
Valoshina Exhibition Hall of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in Moscow in 2015 He has had many other personal exhibitions in Turkey since 2016.

He tries to capture ordinary moments in the scene of magnificent historical buildings. He inspires from Istanbul’s Ottoman period architecture and Moscow’s pre-Stalin and Stalin era
architecture along with direct sunset lights.

He aims to present a visual expression in the transparent lines of watercolor with soft transitions and striking contrasts of colors and color tones by pushing the limits of light and
color, regardless of the time and space.

He still continues his art work in Istanbul.

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