Ali Candaş

Ali Candaş was born at Beşikdüzü Bayırmahalle village of the Trabzon Province in 1940. He attended the primary school for four years at his own village and graduated in 1952 at Gazi Primary School in Erzurum; entered at the Rural Training Institute of Ilıca – Pulur in Erzurum. In 1956 he attended the Çapa Teacher Training School Painting Seminar and later in the year became a primary school teacher. In the same year he succeeded in entering the Painting Department of the Ankara Gazi University. He was the student of instructors like Burhan Alkar, Malik Aksel, Refik Ekipman and Adnan Turani.

He continued on being an arts instructor at various training and education establishments. Presently Ali Candaş is a professor at the Fine Arts Training Dept. of the Marmara University Atatürk Training Faculty.

The processes of turning material into masterpieces and the impressions of the past were the main factors forming his present attitude towards art. The artist with his semi-figurative, exuberant, poetic and expressionist style, has put up various personal exhibitions, and has participated in state, mixed and group exhibitions. While his works have secured their places at private, public, domestic and foreign collections, he is the holder of various prizes and honorary mentions.

1983 – 9th Mersin International Culture and Arts Festival Painting Competition
1987 – Honorary mention at National Sovereignty and Peace painting contest at the National Assembly.
1987 – 4th Yunus Emre ‘Lets love and be loved’ Painting Competition
1987 – Honorary Mention at the DYO Painting Competition
1988 – Bandırma Birds Paradise Culture and Arts Festival

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