Hasan Taşdemir

Hasan Taşdemir was born in Baku in 1949 where later in the years he received his initial training on painting at the Azim Azimzade School. He graduated from the school with top marks, entered the Tifilisi State Painting Academy in 1973 and graduated from the Academy in 1979. In 1980 he started with the Baku State University as an instructor. The artist continued with his painting activities both at Baku and in Turkey. His paintings depicting the nature around İstanbul reminds the works of old Turkish painting masters known of their warmth, fastidiousness, refined approach and colurful expressionism. These characteristics have classified him as a favoured and sought for artist. The mastery observed in his brush strokes, his vast ability to investigate and to observe are the factors leading his works to be described as a contemporary and attractive items.
His paintings were on display at various exhibitions held in Germany, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Turkey and in Moscow.

1975 First prize at Moscow Painters Association
1977 First prize at Moscow Painters Academy
1987 First Prize at Exlibris – Czechoslovakia

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