İbrahim Balaban

İbrahim Balaban was born in 1921.

The artist started painting in the naive format, depicting topics on the village life. Then he started to move on to non-naive format.
İbrahim Balaban, without any formal painting training, has succeeded in securing a distinguished place among the Turkish painters by being inspired from folkloric sources, and his paintings which have paid special emphasize to ways of living of the local population.

He had the select chance of being together with the distinguished artisan Nazım Hikmet. By his consistent and passionate working habits, the artist has followed a simple, devoid of frills and direct technique and has succeeded in developing his “pure-at-heart” approach to a level of mastery.

The impressions of the flavour and mystery of popular art are ever present on each of the artist’s works.
İbrahim Balaban, apart from his private exhibitions, have also participated in various mixed and group exhibitions arranged both at home and abroad. His various works are nowadays on the inventories of numerous private and public collections.

Daha fazla Daha az