Marek Brzozowski

1952, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk graduating with an MFA degree in 1976 and doctoral degree in the field of fine arts in 2000. He focuses in his work on painting, illustration, graphic designing and poster. His works gained many awards in international competition concerning illustration, painting and poster. He participated in various solo and group exhibitions. He has been teaching graphic design and drawing at Bilkent since 1993.


Honorable Mention, Augustow, Poland
Third Prize, Poster Competition, Gallery Zacheta, Warsaw, Poland
Honorable Mention, Poster Competition, Munch Opera Festival, Germany
Honorable Mention, Poster Competition, Villa Streccius Art Gallery, Germany
Honorable Mention, 2. Asaf Kocak Cartoon Competition, Ankara, Turkey
Honorable Mention, Pamukbank Cartoon Competition, Istanbul, Turkey
Special Prize, International Cartoon Competition, Antalya, Turkey
Honorable Mention, 13th Hurriet International Cartoon Contest, Ankara, Turkey
Excellent Prize, Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest, Tokyo, Japan
Third Prize, Cartoon Contest, Izmir, Turkey
First Prize and Gold Medal, Satyrykon’97, Legnica, Poland
Second Prize, 1997 Postage Stamp Competition, Seoul, Korea
Fifth Prize, 6th Taejon International Cartoon Contest, Seoul, Korea
Merit Prize, Postage Stamp Design Contest, Tokyo, Japan
Special Prize, Postage Stamp Design Contest, Seoul, Korea
First Prize, Humourfest X, Foligno, Italy
Special Prize of Excellence, Fourth International Cartoon Contest, Haifa, Israel
Gold Statue, SOKI International Illustration CyberNet Competition held by Society of Korea Illusart

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