Zeki Faik İzer

1905 – 1988

Zeki Faik İzer is great; wise at the age of twenty, young at eighty, this artist give us works- oils gouaches,tapestries,collages- which are full of that most precious quality,life.This is life so immediate that it is born and laid before us for its disorder; contradictions and variety- in a word, for freedom.

He knows how to call upon the most ancient, refined and intellectual laws of art in bringing order to chaos, reconciling the freest, most vibrant colors, and lending a musical rhythm to the unruliness of matter and being.
– Fernand Rouillon

1926-1927 Joıned Galata Exhibitions
1930 Joıned Autumn exhibition at Grand Palais Paris
1942 First award at 4th State painting and sculpture exhibition
1945 First personel Exhibition at İsmail Oygar art Gallery in İstanbul
1946 Wins Çanakçı prize. Joined UNESCO exhibition at Paris
1948 Second personel exhibition at French consulate in İstanbul
1956 First award at 18th State painting and sculpture exhibition
1958 Joined Brussels and Sao Paola exhibitions
1961 The Guggheinheim museum foundation exhibition in New York where he wins a major prize
1963 Joined Turkish painting exhibition in Vienne
1966 Teheran biennal
1968 Third personel exhibiton at Academy of fine arts
1983 İzer’s works are shown in an exhibitionof Turkish painting in İstanbul his works are displayed in istanbul at the counsil of Europe’s 18th exhibition of European art
1984 4th personel exhibition at Harbiye Garanti Bank Art Gallery
1985 An İzer exhibition is held at the French Consulate at İstanbul
1986 6th personel exhibition at Ankara Artisan Art Gallery
1986 7th personel exhibition at Yeşilköy Art Center in İstanbul
1987 8th personel exhibition at Kuyucu Murat Paşa Medresesi in İstanbul
1988 9th personel exhibition at Soyak Art Gallery in İstanbul

1989 Arda art gallery Ankara
1989 Artisan art gallery İstanbul
1989 Painting and sculpture museum İstanbul
1990 Halkbank art gallery Ankara
1991 Vakko art gallery İstanbul
1991 Arda art gallery İstanbul
1991 Soyak art gallery İstanbul
1992 Rotary art gallery İzmir
1992 Kare art gallery İstanbul
1994 Yapı Kredi Bank Kazım Taşkent Art Gallery İstanbul
1995 HP Gallery – Lefkoşe Cyprus
1995 Kare Art Gallery, İstanbul
1998 Kare Art Gallery, İstanbul
2000 Kare Art Gallery, İstanbul
2004 Kare Art Gallery, İstanbul

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